Sensors have a very wide range with many types, but fundamentally, sensors are devices that detect the feature quantity of a measurement and convert this quantity into a readable signal, which is then displayed on an instrument.

Sensing technology is a technology that uses sensors to acquire information by detecting the physical, biological, or chemical property quantities and convert them into readable signal.

Project Mission

The recent access to inexpensive and energy efficient MEMS technologies as well as the democratization of LPWAN networks (LORAWAN, SIGFOX and NBIOT) allow us to offer smart connected sensors to increase the issues detection capacities and the improvement of maintenance and periodic inspection of their industrial installations.

Our objective is to offer our customers an inexpensive and permanent solution by developing a range of miniaturized sensors with low consumption suitable for wireless technology and with embedded intelligence which bridges the gap with currently deployed technologies which are costly and inefficient in terms of data analysis.

Our established 2020-2025 roadmap plans for the commercialisation of 12 measurement sensors and several patent deposits owned by EDGE TECHNOLOGIES.

When the sensors in the EDGE TECHNOLOGIES catalogue cannot meet customer needs, we will design and offer on demand a customizable solution for a specific sensor including design, validation, and marketing.